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Melissa Snyder


Great cleaning service! I had purchased a Groupon and was able to schedule quickly even though my availability was limited due to having young kids at home doing online learning. We’ve done a few Groupons before but this was by far the best. They did end up needing a little extra time, which was understandable because with everyone being home all the time the house needed a little extra love. They also called me before time expired to let me know what was left and give me the option to add time or have them finish as scheduled. They did an amazingly thorough job. My oven has never been cleaner :)

Dan Perrin


Standard Cleaning Service have been my cleaners for many years. They do an excellent job. I have never been disappointed and highly recommend them. Even my wife admits they do a good job, no small trick.

Jessica Yu


Extremely happy with my cleaning service (move-out cleaning). It was easy to schedule a time, the cleaners were polite, professional, and did a great and thorough job. Prices are very reasonable however I wish that someone would have provided more information upfront regarding how total cost is calculated. The total time for my service was 1.5 hours, however 3 ladies cleaned my apartment so the total ended up being 1.5*3 = 4 hours, so I ended up paying a little more than I expected. Regardless, I highly recommend this company to anyone in the area!